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Insurance policy

About my insurance

Mandatory insurance

Under the Real Estate Brokerage Act, subscription to the professional liability insurance policy of FARCIQ is mandatory for all OACIQ licence holders.


Subject to the exclusions and limitations of coverage provided for in the insurance contract, the policyholder will be protected against all unintentional faults, errors, negligence or omissions that may be committed in the performance  of his professional activities.

Check your insurance policy for the scope of your coverage.

Insurance Premium

For the annual cost of your premium, please check your current insurance policy.

If the policyholder adheres to the Insurance Fund (FARCIQ) after May 1, the premium will be calculated based on the number of months remaining in the insurance period.Note: If, as a new broker, you do not intend to start practicing your profession immediately, you must submit a revocation request with your licensing application to avoid being billed.


Each broker and agency must pay the entire professional liability insurance premium.This premium is billed automatically by the OACIQ upon obtaining or renewing your licence.

The Insurance Fund does not issue any tax receipts. Since the Fund’s invoice is unified with that of the OACIQ, the receipt is available in My record on synbad.com.

Reimbursement of the insurance premium

Premiums paid to the Fonds d’assurance (FARCIQ) are not reimbursed in case of a license suspension. Reimbursements are only paid in case of a revocation.You do not have to communicate with the Fonds d’assurance (FARCIQ) to be reimbursed. The OACIQ will automatically communicate with you when a reimbursement is required. You will then receive a cheque by mail.

Note: The reimbursement is always paid to the broker or firm with the insurance policy and not the person who paid the premium. The reimbursement is paid according to the standards established in the short-term cancellation table of the insurance policy.

Warranty extension in case you cease your activities

Under the applicable insurance policy, if the Insured dies or if the Insured’s licence is revoked, or in the event of the dissolution, liquidation or cessation of operations of a corporation or other legal person benefiting from the status of Insured, the coverage offered by this policy as at the date of the cessation of operations shall remain in force indefinitely at no additional cost as long as the Insurance Fund exists. It will apply only to professional activities performed or that should have been performed prior to the date of cessation. This clause can be found under the Warranty extension section of the insurance policy in effect on the cessation date.

You must therefore inform FARCIQ immediately of this claim in order to benefit from the protections that may be offered to you.