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The Governance Committee supervises the practices and policies related to governance, regulatory compliance, and the management of risk, commercial practices and business continuity.

The Audit Committee’s mandate is to help the Board of Directors to fulfil its supervisory responsibilities with regard to the quality and integrity of financial information. It ensures the Fonds follows sound and prudent management practices.

Professional Ethics
The Professional Ethics Committee adopts ethical rules for Fonds directors, officers and employees, and ensures the rules are applied.

The Investments Committee recommends an investment policy for adoption by the Board of Directors. It monitors application of the investment policy by investment managers and reviews their compliance documents.

Prevention and claims
The Prevention and Claims Committee establishes policies related to claims, examines guarantees provided and recommends prices to be charged. It also approves the settling of claims involving payments greater than the authorized limit of the claims manager. The Committee is responsible for establishing a prevention program to reduce the frequency, severity and cost of claims.