Our mission: Protect our policyholders’ assets through professional liability insurance.


Our role is divided into three parts:

First, we offer coverage in case of fault, error, negligence or omission that may be committed by OACIQ licence holders in the performance of their professional activities.

Then we pay compensation for the resulting loss when professional liability is proven.

Finally, we respond to the needs and concerns of brokers regarding their professional liability insurance while helping them prevent the risks arising from professional errors.


The Fonds d’assurance (FARCIQ) manages claims requests made by the public and informs license holders on the process involved in the management of these requests. We have a specialized team to answer any questions brokers may have on their professional liability insurance and provide them with professional support in case of claims.

Mandatory subscription
Subscription to the FARCIQ professional liability insurance policy is mandatory for all real estate agencies and brokers licensed by the OACIQ.

A relevant player
The FARCIQ team is also a key player in the profession’s oversight and continuing education at the OACIQ. It can invest in prevention and support best practices through targeted communications aimed at reducing the risk of claims among licensees.

Whether the claims are forwarded to FARCIQ by the insured, the claimant and/or his lawyer or by the OACIQ following a request for assistance, they will be examined carefully to determine their merits. It is important to know that the staff in charge of handling claims is made up of professionals who have developed specific professional liability expertise in the real estate brokerage field.

Proactive claims management approach
Mindful of the image of the profession, FARCIQ advocates a proactive approach in its claims management in order to find fair and reasonable solutions, while providing fair treatment to the various parties involved in a case.


Founded on July 21, 2006, FARCIQ provides professional liability insurance for Quebec real estate agencies and brokers, licensed by the OACIQ, in case of unintentional fault, error and omission committed in the performance of their professional activities.

Other important dates

ACAIQ1 consults its members, follows up with a request to the Government to modify the Real Estate Brokerage Act.

Bill 172 is adopted, modifying the Real Estate Brokerage Act. Changes include a provision to permit creation of a distinct professional liability insurance fund, adapted to the profession.

July 21: First day of FARCIQ’s activities.

ACAIQ (Association des courtiers et agents immobiliers du Québec) becomes OACIQ (Organisme d’autoréglementation du courtage immobilier du Québec i.e., the Québec real estate brokerage self-regulatory organization).

Change in governance for FARCIQ

Following the revision of the financial sector legislation, including the Insurers Act, the professional liability insurance decision-making committee (PLIDC) is created. Although the OACIQ’s Board of Directors now exercises all the functions and powers relating to the professional liability insurance, the process of the claim file is delegated exclusively to the PLIDC. The OACIQ remains the holder of the insurance license and is subject to the Insurers Act.